We believe the Holy Spirit draws men and women, young and old to Christ, equipping all for personal growth through service.

The church’s role is to glorify God through authentic worship, which sends us out to serve those in need in our community. 

About Us

We work to steward our world, caring for one another with compassion and respect, offering a place of hope for ALL people.

Our History


Congregation moved into the new Sanctuary on the corner of Beaver St. and Elm. 


Parish Hall was added.


The Parish celebrated its 100th year.




Online worship and online coffee hour

New Interim Rector-The Rev. Alison Lee

Our Core Values

See what is very close to us

We hold our Core Values close to us. Everything we do is based off of these core values.

  • We preach grace not guilt.
  • Reach the lost and broken.
  • Love everyone, no exceptions!
  • Follow the teachings of Jesus.
  • Pray, pray, and pray some more.
  • Fellowship with each other.
  • Show mercy to those who need it.
  • Go beyond the church walls.
  • Give God the glory.
  • Leave the judgment up to God.


The Rev. Alison Lee

Interim Rector


The Rev. Janetta Beaumont



Mary Anne Bruner

Music Director


Charly Spining




Jeanette Macauley, Senior Warden

John Andrews, Junior Warden

Lou Klejbuk, Treasurer

Celisa Manly, Clerk of the Vestry


Class of 2023

Mari Soliday-Larsen

Class of 2024

Vincent Caranchini

Mary Kephart

Nick Lyndon

Madeline Nash

Class of 2025

Beth Otterstein

Jan Stalcup

Joan Stoner


Reach the lost and broken

Our mission is simply to bring the love of God to all people. Our vision is to reconcile all to God, so the world will know justice and peace.

Pray and Worship

Center and anchor all we do through varied types of prayer, and worship the Living God in Holy Communion where all are welcome!

Grow as a Church

We are meant to grow together as a church community through shared ministry, joyful fellowship, intentional spiritual curiosity, and authentic worship.


We have many community outreach efforts and ministries. Take a look below and see where your best fit might be.

  • Open Doors: Art in Action Gallery
  • Flagstaff Family Food Center
  • Coconino Humane Society
  • Flagstaff Shelter Services
  • 12-Step Programs
  • Community groups from Flagstaff Bagpipers to Theatrikos to Northern Arizona Interfaith Council
  • Pride in the Pines
  • Climate Change Action Committee

Community Labyrinth Garden

Open to all people, the Labryrinth is a place of prayer,  meditation and peace in the city of Flagstaff. Landscaped with plants from the Holy Land, we invite you to join us and walk the path of peace.


".It was my great pleasure and honor to participate in the Art in Action series this summer. I know it’s not always easy or comfortable to make these things happen, but it is important and impactful work, to engage the congregation and the greater community, and to give the artwork a chance to be seen."


"Thank you for your continuing generosity in sharing your wonderful spiritual space with us. With much appreciation from all of us in the Flagstaff Threshold Choir! So special to sing here and to walk the labyrinth while singing on a sweet summer night! Thank you!” 





Episcopal Church of the Epiphany is pleased to invite your organization/group to share God’s House with us.  Our facility is primarily for church-related and church-initiated meetings and events.  However, community groups and events are invited and welcomed! Epiphany can accommodate events of up to 150 people in the sanctuary or the Parish Hall, as well as several smaller meeting rooms in the building.  There are certain guidelines, agreements and policies that apply to member and non-member use of the facility, and our Parish Administrator can answer all your questions at or for additional information, you can review the agreements

and policies below.


Facility Use Agreement

Wedding Policy/Baptism Policy/Funeral Policy